Design Awards

Museum of Natural and Environmental History, Shizuoka is a prefectural museum. We renovated a closed high school buildings. The theme of the museum is what does it mean to live truly rich life in Shizuoka. Classrooms were renovated to exhibition rooms with a design concept of a thought-provoking museum. The tables and chairs of closed high school were reused in the exhibition room for a design to express learning and thinking place as a museum. The exhibits and graphics were designed throughout the exhibition rooms and corridors. This design was produced by the members of Tanseisha Co., Ltd. The fascinating design with renovating high school buildings was awarded the seven international prizes and four domesticated prizes.


【International awards】

  • FX International Interior Design Awards 2016, Museum Exhibition Space Division, Winner
  • Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2016, Public Space Division, Silver Award
  • Design For Asia Awards 2016,Bronze Award
  • SBID International Design Awards 2016, Finalist
  • Interior Design 2016 Best of Year Awards, Finalist
  • iF Design Awards 2017
  • German Design Award 2018, Excellent Communication Design, Winner
  • The Best in Heritage 2019

  • Exhibition Room 3 Marine ecosystems in Shizuoka
    Photo ©Nacása & Partners Inc.

【Domestic awards】

  • Japan Design Space Association, DSA Design Award, Grand Prix 2016 (and DSA Design Special Award for Planning and Research)
  • Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association, JCD Design Award 2016, Silver Award (and Yukio Hashimoto Special Award)
  • Japan Sign Design Association, 50th Japan Sign Design Prize 2016, Winner, Prize in Chubu region
  • Nippon Display Federation, 35th Nippon Display Industry Prize 2016, Winner
  • The Japan Society for Exhibition Studies Award

  • Prize ceremony of DSA Design Award
    Members of the Museum and Tanseisha Co., Ltd. (Photo, Hiroshi Tsuchida)