Exhibition room

Exhibition Room 1 “An Encounter with Global Environmental History”

What is Global Environmental History? Evidences recorded both in the sea and land tell us the history of the relationship between human beings and nature, and give lights to our future.

Exhibition Room 2 “Nature in Shizuoka: Friend and Foe”

Nature in Shizuoka offers us plenty of benefits for our life, but it sometimes give threats to our daily life.

Exhibition Room 3 “Marine Ecosystems in Shizuoka”

As a maritime region, Shizuoka is home to numerous aquatic habitats, including Suruga Bay, the deepest in Japan. The thriving variety of marine life fouud here has provided locals with a major source of sustenance for many years.

Exhibition Room 4 “Terrestrial Ecosystems in Shizuoka”

All living things are part of the food web, governed by the rule of eat or be eaten. We humans are no exception.

Exhibition Room 5 “Environmental History in Shizuoka”

Find out how Shizuoka’s inhabitants have interacted with nature, from the ancient Jomon era to the present day.

Exhibition Room 6 “Geological History in Shizuoka”

Rocks, ores, and fossils collected from sites over Shizuoka tell us its geological history, and provide glimpses into what nature and lives in the past look like.

Exhibition Room 7 “Biodiversity in Shizuoka”

Shizuoka’s diverse landscape supports an equally broad range of organisms. Samples collected by the museum take visitors into this fascinating world.

Exhibition Room 8 “Function and Structure in Living Things”

This “classroom” is populated by vertebrates, whose names are listed on the blackboard. Entering this scenario, you may be tempted to call attendance. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t get any response!

Library of Human Evolution

Exhibitions of fossils and stone implements provide us a clue to understanding the process of human evolution with global environmental change.

Exhibition Room 9 “The Global Environment and Shizuoka”

Let’s join a round-table discussion about a selected topic of the “seven plus one” environmental risks of the Earth and Shizuoka.

Exhibition Room 10 “A New Way of Life in Shizuoka”

What does it mean to live a truly rich life? In order to ensure that Shizuoka remains “wealthy” in one hundred years, allow yourself to consider just what this concept truly entails.

A Journey through the History of the World

The Earth’s 4.6-billion-years history is compared to a two-hundred-meter hallway, showing seventeen major geological events enclosed in small showcases